DISRUPTION: The post I never wanted to write…

Dear No One,

As you all know, we had an adoption opportunity come up about a week and a half ago. On Saturday, the mother went into labor. Our agency called us, told us to pack, and wait for the call to leave as the mother did not want us to leave until after the baby was born.

Marcus was working, so I rushed around the house packing everything I could think of while calling family and setting up people to watch the dogs. Marcus got someone to cover his shift for him. On his way home, we got the phone call that the baby was born, but the mother did not want to deal with adoption at the time.

The adoption opportunity is now officially a “disruption.” In other words, the mother decided to parent.

Wow. The rollercoaster of adoption and trying to become a parent continues. In one day we went from packing to go meet a baby to the opportunity getting disrupted. We wish nothing but the best to this mother and her baby. We fully know, in our hearts, this was not our baby.

Does that make it easy? No. It is hard. I felt as though infertility was someone stabbing us. This situation felt like someone twisting that knife. It hurt. We still do not fully understand why we needed to go through this failed opportunity to get to our baby, but we are okay. We are okay.

We are grateful to the birth mother for not having us come to her state before the baby was born. We did not meet or bond with the baby or the birth mother. We can move on, and that is exactly what we are doing.

Tomorrow, we will officially be an actively waiting family again. We are back on the path to finding our baby and bringing him or her home.

Thank you all SO much for your kind words and loving support. This is yet another hurdle, but we’ve made it over a lot of hurdles up until this point. They are simply that. A hurdle. This will not stop us. Baby Hemi, we are coming for you!

All my love,