Daxon’s Story: The Call

Dear Daxon,


Waiting is hard. Daddy and I were very lucky that we didn’t have to wait long for you in the adoption world, but we did wait almost three years to meet you from when we first had the desire to start a family. Our son. Perfectly matched with us, and totally worth the wait. Here’s the story of our match with your birth mother.

We went active August 22, 2016. We received our first match with another birth mother on October 4, and that baby was born October 15. The birth mother decided she wanted time to think about her options, and she decided to parent in the end. That was very hard for Mommy and Daddy. We really did not understand why we had to go through a failed adoption opportunity. We really thought we had been through enough heartache, but we carried on. In the end, I believe we were in that match to keep us from someone else choosing us before your birth mom was ready to make her decision on an adoptive family.

We went back on the waiting list on October 17. Going back to work and waiting again was really hard. We just couldn’t wait to meet our child and bring him or her home. But you know what? We weren’t even on the list two weeks before we got another call.

On October 28, 2016, we got THE CALL. I always had my ringer on at work and every time my phone rang, my heart would jump out of chest. We had a teacher inservice that day, so no kids were at school. I was out of the room, and my coworker told me when I came back in that my phone rang while I was gone. 10:26 am. Missed call. I listened to the voicemail, grabbed a piece of paper and pen, ran outside, and called your birth mom’s social worker back at 10:29 am. She called Daddy while he was at work so we could both hear all about the adoption opportunity. She told us all about your birth mom and birth dad. She told us you were in Maryland, you were due November 22, and you were a BOY!!! She was running through all the details, I barely caught that it was a boy. I stopped her and said, “Wait. Did you say it was a boy?!?!?” We were so excited! Your due date was less than a month away! The social worker told us to take the weekend to think about it and let her know our decision by Monday.

We hung up, and I immediately called Daddy. I said, “There’s nothing to think about right? This sounds like the perfect opportunity for us.” Your Daddy agreed 100%. We were in a match with your birth mom!

For the next few weeks, we were packing suitcases (full of boy stuff!) and getting things around the house together. We knew we would most likely be gone over Thanksgiving, so we expected that the ICPC paperwork to come home would take even longer than normal. We were expecting to be in Maryland for 2-3 weeks.

We immediately started exchanging emails with your birth mom, and we instantly fell in love with her. On November 10, we had our first phone call with her. She was as kind and sweet and impressive as the social worker had told us. We asked her if there was a name that was important to her or a name she really liked that we could try to incorporate into the baby’s name. She said she really wanted something unique that not a lot of people would be named. She said, “Daxton.” I was in shock. All I could say was, “You’re joking. You’re kidding me.” Daddy had to grab the phone and explain that for at least the last six months we have been talking about naming our baby Daxon if he was a boy. I even called Daddy months before that and told him that I didn’t really like any of the girl or boy names we had except for Daxon. It was the only one that felt right. I will tell you, baby boy, I knew right then that this had to be the right match. After the phone call I looked at your Daddy through tears and said, “This is it. This has to be our son.” And guess what? I was right.

On Friday, November 18, Daddy and I were both not in very good moods. We were just being very impatient. We were so ready to meet you, but we knew you would come in your own time. We were invited to go out that night with friends, but we decided to stay in. Daddy had to work the next morning, and I think we just needed to be home alone together.

At 6:04 pm, your birth mom text us that she was at the hospital. We jumped off the couch, started packing and making phone calls to social workers. Once we got the okay to leave, we were on the road by 7:04pm. We were on our way to Maryland to meet the baby boy that God had prepared to be our son.

There is so much more to tell you, Dax, but we will save some for later. Daxon, I would go through it all again. The struggle. The tears. The pain. I would do it all again to get to you. You were so worth the wait. I love you more than I ever knew I could love someone.