Today I am…

Dear No One,

It has been awhile since I’ve written anything. I told Marcus the other day that I love writing blog posts, but I don’t necessarily have anything to write these days. For those who have read a lot of my blog posts, you know I have written a lot of serious posts. I told Marcus, “I think I don’t have anything serious to write. Everything is so good. I’m just so happy.”

And my supportive husband, (who was actually listening to me talk!) 😉 said, “then write that.”

It has been over a year since we started the process of adoption and over three years since we started trying to have a child. Today, we have a 4 month old. I have NEVER been this happy. Ever.

So that is all I have to write today. I am happy. We have our baby. Marcus is almost done with residency. Under 100 days (not that I’m counting)! I spend every day at home taking care of my baby. My baby. Mine. Today I am happy.

Annndddd because I can’t leave without sending a little sappy love and support to my readers…for those of you trying to have children, no matter through adoption or biologically, NEVER give up. The pain you feel is because you know in your heart that being a mom is exactly what you’re meant to do with your life. I can tell you that when that baby does come, it will be SO worth every painful moment you’ve endured along the way. There is no better feeling than taking care of your baby.

Even when you have to sit in a car with your arm backwards to pacify your baby (and be a headrest for your dog).


All my love,